Newport Ski Swap

Job Descriptions (in time sequence) (PDF Version)

Swap Leaders: [top]

This is just a guide - not a rule book - there will be situations that will require you to work with the Volunteer Coordinator and other Swap Leadership. Some volunteers listed may not show up, others will stay much longer than they signed up for and some will come that are not on the volunteer list. The number of people suggested for each position may be too many or too little. When in doubt, ask!

Leadership has the following responsibilities:

1.      Manage the team - Keep the team on task.  The swap is so fast and intensive, once beyond, there is no catching up.  Have the correct number of people required to do the job. At times you may have too many -- if they can be helpful in other positions, make them available to the Volunteer desk. If you do not have enough, talk to the Volunteer desk to get more.

2.      Quality Control - Each job has an effect on how well the inventory and money is managed. Our goal is to ensure that: 1) the owner receives a check all of their sold items and all unsold items are returned.  2) The customer can buy the items they desire -- this requires all items have the right inventory tag.

3.      Training -Learn the position from the job description, the Swap Chair and/or the person that preceded you. This is a key part of the job because your job also includes training and guiding your team and successor.

4.      Track the group - Know who your people are, make sure they are signed in and out, and are doing the work assigned.

5.      Suggest/Implement Improvements - Document the things that could be improved next year (or even this year if possible) including the actual number of people needed so that we continuously improve.

6.      Each job is important - Sometimes there is not enough or too much work. Retail sales has it's up and down cycles. The hard part is typically dealing with the customers, problems, and the volume of business in very short periods of time. We will handle hundreds of items an hour. During the sale, we will be selling gear worth as much as $30,000 an hour. When the sale is over, we have a few hours to account for all of the inventory in and out, write checks for all of the goods sold, and return all of the unsold items.

7.      Quality is job ONE! - A little inventory tagging issue up front could cause hours of work resolving it after the swap. Losing part or all of a sold tag causes hours of issue resolution and unhappy customers.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Your help will lead directly to a significant amount of money being made available to enhance the Newport student's education.

Don Meyer, Swap Chairman

Manage Swap[top]

Organizing the Swap

·         Organizes the swap

·         Gets leaders from past swaps and through the Newport PTSA leadership

·         Provides support to all of the Swap Leaders. The buck stops here.

·         Understand ALL processes and areas of responsibility

·         Provide Training as necessary to Swap Leadership and volunteers

·         Watches for and corrects Quality issues as they occur

·         Help customers resolve issues

·         Make decisions as necessary to resolve problems

·         Documents any changes to the swap process

o    Provide this Training Package to the Help Desk,
Leaders Note, Job Descriptions and Volunteer List

·         Provide Information

o    Provide Gym Floor Layout

o    Provide Check-in instructions (and corresponding displays)

o    Provide other useful information (like Ski Boot Sizing Guide)

o    Provide Signs (skis, boots, snowboards, cashiers, Entry, Exit, etc.)

·         Provide Hard Goods

o    Have School District deliver appropriate number of Tables and Stages to place inventory on

o    Deliver and build the Clothing, ski and snowboard Racks

o    Have the school provide Garbage cans, rolling tools to move inventory

o    Provide a Dressing Room

o    Provide various tools and suppliers to build ski and snowboard racks

o    Provide Supplies (Inventory Cards, rubber bands, tape, pens, staplers, etc.


·         The Swap Chairman coordinates these activities and does the primary advertising in Newspapers

·         Free Internet advertising.  Feel free to link to the Swap web site from your favorite web sites.

o    Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Workout Facilities, Cities, Schools, and many others have community event web pages. 

o    These need to be found and information entered about the swap.  Usually it is just a paragraph or fields covering the what, when, where, who info and a "for more info" web link to

·         Free school district and district PSTA Web sites and Newsletters.

·         Paid advertising in the local Newspapers and Sports Magazines

·         Advertising via the School District and PTSA Newsletters.

·         Free Advertising via the internet.

·         Street Signs - 24+ signs

o    These signs have the swap information on them.  They are the most visible and key means of advertising.  Thousands of people see these.

o    Every year, the signs need the date information changed. 

o    These get placed on roadsides around the Bellevue area - Pound in little posts and screw the signs on.

o    They go out 2 weeks before the swap and get picked up the day after the swap. 
Not Allowed at all in Issaquah

Manage Inventory Problems [top]

·         Focal point for inventory and customer issues.  Work issues with other Swap Leadership (Cashiers, Inventory Arrangers, Check-in, Check-out, etc.)

·         Resolve issues with customers and swap volunteers

·         Work with vendors to price items without a tag

·         Direct problems as necessary to those responsible for the inventory areas
(skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots, clothing, underwear, hats, goggles, helmets, miscellaneous)

·         Reconnect lost tags with gear

·         Look for and correct issues - accumulating junk or partially eaten food and drink, young volunteers causing problems and not doing the work, kids out of control, custodian support, etcetera.

Help Desk

·         Focal Point for Problem Mgt - always someone there

·         DOCUMENT all problems/resolutions in Problem Log notebook at the Help Desk

·         Maintain boxes for separated tags and inventory without tags

·         Get vendors to look at the items without tags box as necessary

After Individual Check-Out

·         Separate and move donated, unclaimed items, and garbage items to designated spots

o    Skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots, jackets, pants, hats, gloves, etc.

o    Determine which items are garbage

·         Inventory the donated items, unclaimed items, and garbage items

Manage Money and Cashiers (PTSA and Swap Treasurers) [top]               


·         Provide Starter Cash for Cashiers

·         Write Checks for Pre-Swap Expenses

·         Arrange for Credit Card Service


·         Train & Manage Cashier Leaders

·         Write checks (or supply cash) for supplies as necessary

·         Continually Verify Sales Receipts for accuracy

·         Maintain Quality Control

·         Manage money, checks, credit

·         Document income, expenses, and deposits

·         Deposit money

Calculate Checks 

·         Verify Inventory Sold Card Totals

·         Write checks

·         Attach Sold Item Calculator Tape to Check

·         Calculate preliminary swap totals and statistics

·         Provide Vendor Summary of Items Sold with Checks and Calculator Tape

·         Close books


·         Resolve Check writing errors

Manage Security [top]

During Gear Check-in, Sales and Check-out

·         One person on each potential exit point.  See Swap Layout

·         1-2 people for relief and general security - walking around. 

·         Pay particular attention to any goods going out rather than in.  Talk with Shop personnel to get them to also pay attention to gear going the wrong way.

·         People covering all exit points, exiting the cashiers line and 2-3 people for relief and general security - walking around.

·         Nobody and Nothing goes out the South-East Entry door & north and south west No EXIT doors.

·         Will also have Bellevue Police Officer at the Swap

Entry Door - South-East

·         NO EXIT sign above door on the inside
and ENTRY signs guiding people to the door on the outside

·         Sample and record buyer information on the Survey sheets provided.

·         2 people to survey people coming in and to keep goods from going out

·         ONLT EXIT DOOR - Allow exit for people who have decided not to buy any gear and for parents who looking for a restroom for their kids
- watch people exiting wearing our jackets, hats and other gear.

·         On Saturday morning early, the Shops may bring in additional gear begins via the Entry door.

NO EXIT or Entry Doors

·         NO ENTRY signs on the outside of the main and outside gyms doors.

·         NO EXIT PERIOD!

Cashier Line

·         Check inventory sales slips against equipment as customers exit (like Costco)
to keep people from leaving with unpaid items.

Floating Security

·         Watch the floor for suspicious activity such removing or putting on tags.  If they are putting a tag back on which has fallen off, check to see if it is the correct item or bring it to the HELP DESK.

·         Watch for people wearing merchandise.

·         Check the movement of gear from the check-in area to the sale area

Coordinate Volunteers [top]·


·         Work with the Swap leader to identify how many volunteers are needed when

·         Setup the Volunteer Spreadsheet to account for all volunteers

·         Arrange Volunteer Help desk volunteers and a PC

During the Sale

·         Check volunteers in and out; both adults & students should SIGN INENSURE that all Leaders get their packets and bring them back with corrections and suggestions

·         Record Check In/Out on Volunteer List

·         Balance work assignments based on NO SHOWS

·         Direct volunteers to their Leaders and assignments (know who the Leaders are)

·         When students finish their shift, confirm their hours, complete & sign student Community Service Record Forms (Knight Valor)

·         Confirm next day shift times for volunteers planning to help on the next day

·         Recruit volunteers for next day open positions (if any),
add their name & phone to the next day Volunteer List

·         Document fully changes required for next year - More less people, change to Job Descriptions

After the Sale

·         Finalize the volunteer list for next years planning

·         Ensure that Volunteer forms get to appropriate PTSA and School personnel

Coordinate Food [top]


During the Swap

After the Swap

Manage Inventory System[top]  

Setup Inventory System

Before the Swap

·         Prepare the online system to accept individual and gear registration

·         Test use of registration at the school with school equipment

·         Load the Shops Inventory provided on spreadsheets and verify the barcode uniqueness

·         Work with the PTSA Board to connect to the banking system and test the capability

·         Pre-Print labels, stick on tags, sort and group tags by seller name

At the Swap

·         Provide preprinted tags to Check-In Manager.

·         Setup the inventory management area/tables

·         Setup PCs for individual sellers who do not pre-register gear

·         Setup PCs for Cashiers

Run the Inventory System

Individual Check-In

During Sale

Individual Payment Info

During swap Unsold gear Pick-Up

Close the Inventory System

After the Swap Closes

Setup Swap Facilities [top]

Layout - See floor layout diagrams

Supplies (see inventory list for additional detail)

Check-In Individuals [top]

Responsibilities and tasks of Leaders

·         Ensure that Check-In leaders and workers are properly trained, if not, call a quick time-out training session to train/re-train the volunteers

o    Have correctly tagged and tied or taped inventory items to show them

o    Make Tagging instructions available, have new volunteers read it

·         Ensure that tags are appropriately tied or taped to inventory

·         Ensure that enough volunteers are available - work with volunteer coordinator

·         Have someone direct the customers to available tables/checkers

·         Ensure that enough supplies are available - inventory tags, rubber bands, plastic ties, strings, tape, instructions

·         Keep checked-in items from piling up on the "checked-in" table in check-in area

·         Work with Inventory Arrangers/Movers to make sure tagged and untagged items do not get mixed up

Responsibilities & tasks of Individual Consignees

·         Fill out inventory registration online

·         Return on Sunday to pickup checks and unsold items

Responsibilities of Check-in Volunteers

**Improperly tagged items cost us money! The entire process starts and ends with the tags. The inventory cards and tags must match. They must be well connected. We have 4-5 people working 12 hours each during the sale reconnecting tags and items. We put in another 100+ hours after the swap trying to reconcile payment issues. Please help reduce this by ensuring that the tagging is done well.

Check-In Shops [top]

Shops must :

·         have pre-registered with the Swap Chair prior to arriving (if not they must see the Swap Leader)

·         signed the Ski Swap Contract prior to starting Check-in (if they haven't already)

·         have Inventory Tags which clearly identify the store
(and Clearly different than any other shop)

·         have all inventory properly tagged and priced prior to arriving (or at bringing into the gym)

·         provide sample of ALL of their tags to Help/Problems Leader

·         Immediately contact the Swap Chair if any of the above is not true!

Shop Check-In

·         Swap Chair will schedule Vendor arrival time and provide a list with Shop, Estimated Arrival Time, Owner, Sales People and an estimate of the number of items.

·         Help/Problems Leader will do the initial check-in of the Ski/Snowboard Shops to ensure that they have registered and that their gear is well tagged.

·         Help/Problems Leader hand-off the actual movement of gear into the gym to the Arrange Inventory Leader

·         Help/Problems Leader will work something out if a Shop's tag is very similar to another store tag.

·         Arrange Inventory Leader will ensure that the Store's Tags are clearly identifiable (same type/color/marking of tag)

·         Ensure that all tags are fastened securely (if tags are flimsy, tape all tags)

Arrange (and Move) Inventory [top]

Individual Check-in - Moving the gear

Shop Check-In - Moving the gear

Arranging the gear

After Sale

After Shop inventory is picked up

After Individuals have picked up their inventory


Technical Help  [top]

During Sale

Cashiers [top]

Head Cashier

Cashier - Scan Inventory Tags and Take Payment - 1-2 people

  1. Customer provide gear 1 item at a time
  2. Inventory scanning person Starts an invoice
  3. Inventory scanning person scans all items
  4. Cashier person gets the total from the inventory scanning person (and/or monitor)
  5. Cashier person processes the credit, cash or check
  6. Inventory scanning person pushes Finish/Paid button
  7. Cashier person gets and provides the inventory purchased receipt from printer / printer person
    This provides the final “sale is complete and paid for” check and the customer can move on
  8. Security checks inventory against inventory slip
  9. Happy (waited in line less than 15 minutes) Customer goes home

Potential Problems

Send Checks [top]

·         Get input file from the Inventory System

·         Generate checks in QuickBooks

·         Put Checks in Windowed Security Envelops

·         Mail Checks, US Mail First Class

·         Mail Additional Checks as inventory sold issues are resolved

Check-Out Individuals [top]

Customer Check-out Tables

 Swap Take-down

 Arrange & Check-Out Inventory

·         Arrange and Move volunteers will neatly arrange gear by type on the floor

Help individuals find equipment

Check individuals’ inventory as they exit

Inventory Problems ( Inventory Problem Mgt )

Take Down Swap Facility  [top]    

Sunday, 8-3

Individual Check-Out - 10:00-2:00

After Check-Out

Scan all remaining Gear

·         Inventory all unsold gear not picked up or donated

Pack and move Supplies, gear and racks