1. How much gear is there?
    Over 10,000 pieces of gear. Approximately 60% is new and 40% is used. Some of the used gear is last season's rental or demo equipment and is in nice to excellent condition.

  2. What kinds of gear?
    Huge Selection of : Skis, ski boots, poles, snowboards, bindings, sb boots,
    hats, socks, underwear, helmets, jackets, pants, fleece, bags, backpacks, racks and more.

  3. Where is it?
    Newport High School in Bellevue WA.

  4. How big is the "shop"?
    We have 2 gymnasiums with over 17,000 square feet and the school Commons area for gear check-in, snow sports booths and cashiers.

  5. What kind of booths?
    Booths: Ski areas, snow sports schools, snow sports related charities and more.

  6. Is there any cross country, tele, randonee, skate and track gear?
    There is always some of every variety but not a huge amount, probably 50+ skis, boots and poles.

  7. Do you take credit?
    Yes we take most major credit cards.

  8. Does it cost to park or enter?
    No, parking and entry are free! It is generally $20+ for parking and entry at the downtown swap!

  9. Is there expert help?
    The Snow Sport Shops bring bring new and slightly used gear plus people, 65+ to help you.
    Snowsports training organizations also generally supplier another 20+ folk.

  10. Can I sell gear as well and how does that work?
    Yes, the Newport Swap is a Consignment Swap so you Register, price and bring your gear and we do the rest.

  11. How do I price the gear?
    You price it, see Pricing Guidelines. To sell the used gear, it must first be clean and not ripped or broken. Given, that then gear drops by 50% each year. $400, $200, $100, etc. There will be brand new gear in every category. Helmets for instance sell from $40-100 new at the swap. Last years $60 helmet would be $30 unless scratched/marked badly then maybe $15. Last years $200 skis in nice shape can sell for $100.

  12. When should I come?
    That is entirely up to you. Some love the crazy startup period when 1000 people are jockying for gear. Some would rather miss that crazy best deal for a more leisurely pace and still fabulous deals later Friday or anytime Saturday. 50% come in the 4 hours (2016, 8 hours) on Friday & the other 50% in 8 hours on Saturday so it is more leisurely with more support on Saturday. The gear prices generally are fabulous right to the finish!

  13. Will there still be a good selection on Saturday?
    We sell an equal amount Friday in 4 hours and Saturday in 8. There will be a huge amount of gear left on Saturday morning, such that it will look much bigger than most if not all swaps that you have ever been to.

  14. What gear can I bring?
    Pretty much as snow sports gear as long as it is serviceable. We have a ski recycler so we take all skis. Some may never be out for sale. Ski boots that are heavily worn on the toes and heels or again over 10 years or cracked or in bad shape. Clothing items should have no major stains, broken zippers or missing buttons.

  15. Can I bring matching items attached together?
    People try bring matching Pants and Jackets attached but try as we might, they get separated when people are trying them on. People may not like the combination but would buy a single piece. Another that has been tried is snowboard/binding/boot combinations. Some might like the board but a specialized binding will keep them from buying it. They may want the boot or a similar one of a different size. So sell everything separately.