~ Gear Registration for 2016 is Closed~
This is for Individuals consigning gear only, not Shops

So sorry that we are running late
The PTSA mailed last name A to L checks 11-24
The remaining checks mailed 11/29

By registering gear, you agree to the conditions below.

Register Gear
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By registering gear you agree to these Conditions:
1.You will pickup unsold gear on Sunday between 10:00-2:00 or your unsold gear will be considered DONATED.
2. You will check the sold status online and watch for a Ski Swap Unsold Gear email. Keep Seller ID (ex: S12345) & Password
   a) If there was an unforeseen circumstance (accident, hospitalization, etc.), send an email to info@skiswap.info.
   b) If gear is not found on Sunday and not shown as sold, we will double check the inventory and records the following week.
     If it is still not found, we will assume that it was a sales error and will pay you as if it was sold (75%).
3. You will update the gear status to "Donate" if you do not intend to pickup your unsold gear on Sunday.
4. CRITICAL - You will double check your address as we send your check to the address provided.
5. We will keep the Registration page active through November so you can check the status of gear sold and check sent.
6. We will hold the gear for 10 days to to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.
7. We will send checks for sold gear within two weeks of the swap. There may be a few exceptions due to sales errors.

Note: Some people are having issues in Apple Safari. If so, try Chrome or Firefox instead.
In addition, some browsers and/network security programs must be told to "Allow" the site to open.

GEAR CHECK-IN Nov 10-11, Thursday (6-9)-Friday (11-5) ONLY ** Check-in Dates & Times **
** Thursday and Friday gear check-in is in the south end of the Commons. ** Best access from west parking lot, south side.

Pre-Registration, Check-in, Status & Check-out Process:
Commission on the Sale: 25%, You get 75% of the Sale price - no mark-downs during or after the swap.

    1. Before check-in - Register yourself and your gear. Print out your inventory list at home.
      -- it has your Seller ID and Password which you need to Check-In and check status online during and after the swap.
    2. Check-in prep - You bring your gear and gear inventory list to the swap.
      -- gear entry form provides entry to the pre-registered check-in line.
    3. Check-in **We print the Pre-Registered Tags Wednesday evening starting at 6:00 pm**
      We attach the tags to the gear when you bring it. We will then put your gear into the inventory for sale.
      We will void the
      gear that was registered online if you do not bring it.
      If you bring more gear, you will need to add that gear online at the swap. **Please save time and do it before coming**

    4. Check-out prep - You check your sold/unsold gear inventory Online after the sale to know if anything needs to be picked up.
      - Click the Register & View Gear button. If you do not intend to pick it up, please check Donate on the list. We give much of the gear to needy charities (Gospel Mission and others) and sell higher value items to used gear resellers for additional PTA income.
    5. Check-out - You will pick up your unsold gear on Sunday.
      If you do not wish to pick up an item, write "Donate" on on the Tag.
    6. Soon after swap - We will send your check to the address provide. You can see the check amount, when written and sent dates online. We will communicate as necessary via the email address (or phone number) provided. **Please provide accurate contact info**

Note: If you have not pre-registered, it can be done at the swap but you will need to wait for a terminal and printing of Tags.
**Please do it at home and save time**

Ski/Snowboard Recycling - We will have a ski recycler, Ski Artistry at the swap again so during Gear Check-In, we will accept old unsaleable gear. If you have a lot of gear, please contact them directly via the email on their website above.