Job Descriptions (in time sequence) (PDF Version)

Swap Leaders: [top]

This is just a guide - not a rule book - there will be situations that will require you to work with the Volunteer Coordinator and other Swap Leadership. Some volunteers listed may not show up, others will stay much longer than they signed up for and some will come that are not on the volunteer list. The number of people suggested for each position may be too many or too little. When in doubt, ask!

Leadership has the following responsibilities:

  1. Manage the team - Keep the team on task.  The swap is so fast and intensive, once beyond, there is no catching up.  Have the correct number of people required to do the job. At times you may have too many -- if they can be helpful in other positions, make them available to the Volunteer desk. If you do not have enough, talk to the Volunteer desk to get more.
  2. Quality Control - Each job has an effect on how well the inventory and money is managed. Our goal is to ensure that: 1) the owner receives a check all of their sold items and all unsold items are returned.  2) The customer can buy the items they desire -- this requires all items have the right inventory tag.
  3. Training -Learn the position from the job description, the Swap Chair and/or the person that preceded you. This is a key part of the job because your job also includes training and guiding your team and successor.
  4. Track the group - Know who your people are, make sure they are signed in and out, and are doing the work assigned.
  5. Suggest/Implement Improvements - Document the things that could be improved next year (or even this year if possible) including the actual number of people needed so that we continuously improve.
  6. Each job is important - Sometimes there is not enough or too much work. Retail sales has it's up and down cycles. The hard part is typically dealing with the customers, problems, and the volume of business in very short periods of time. We will handle hundreds of items an hour. During the sale, we will be selling gear worth as much as $30,000 an hour. When the sale is over, we have a few hours to account for all of the inventory in and out, write checks for all of the goods sold, and return all of the unsold items.
  7. Quality is job ONE! - A little inventory tagging issue up front could cause hours of work resolving it after the swap. Losing part or all of a sold tag causes hours of issue resolution and unhappy customers.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Your help will lead directly to a significant amount of money being made available to enhance the Newport student's education.

Don Meyer, Swap Chairman

Manage Swap[top]

Organizing the Swap


Manage Inventory Problems [top]

Help Desk

Manage Money and Cashiers (PTSA and Swap Treasurers) [top]               



Calculate Checks 


Manage Security [top]

During Check-in

During the Sale

Cashier Line

NO EXIT or Entry Door - North-West & South-West

Floating Security

Entry Door - South-East

Exit/Cashier Door - North-East

Coordinate Volunteers [top]·


During the Sale

After the Sale

Coordinate Food [top]


During the Swap

After the Swap

Manage Inventory System[top]  

Setup Inventory System

Before the Swap

Run the Inventory System

Individual Check-In

Close the Inventory System

Setup Swap Facilities [top]

Layout - See floor layout diagrams

Supplies (see inventory list for additional detail)

Check-In Individuals [top]

Responsibilities and tasks of Leaders

Responsibilities & tasks of Individual Consignees

Responsibilities of Check-in Volunteers

**Improperly tagged items cost us money! The entire process starts and ends with the tags. The inventory cards and tags must match. They must be well connected. We have 4-5 people working 12 hours each during the sale reconnecting tags and items. We put in another 100+ hours after the swap trying to reconcile payment issues. Please help reduce this by ensuring that the tagging is done well.

Check-In Shops [top]

Shops must :

Vendor Check-In

Arrange (and Move) Inventory [top]

Individual Check-in - Moving the gear

Arranging the gear

After Sale

After Shop inventory is picked up

After Individuals have picked up their inventory


Technical Help  [top]

During Sale

Cashiers [top]

Head Cashier

Cashier - Remove Inventory Tags and Calculate Sales - 1-2 people

  1. Take Inventory Tags off the items
  2. Cashier #1 reads price to Cashier #2
  3. Cashier #1 Highlight (in blue) the inventory number on the inventory tag
  4. Cashier #2 enters the price on the calculator
  5. Cashier #2 read the amounts on tape to Cashier #1 (to ensure all items are accounted for)
  6. Cashier #1 puts the inventory tags in the SOLD box after confirming.
    Only Inventory TAGS are put in the sold inventory box
    Tags will be picked up periodically by Inventory Management
  7. Total prices from inventory tags using a printing calculator,
  8. Provide calculator tape to customer to hand to person taking payment

Cashier - Take Payment (Cash, Check, Credit) - 1 person each

  1. Collect the payment: money, credit slip, or check (payable to: Newport Ski Swap)
  2. Give calculator tape to customer (to show to Security at the exit)

Potential Problems

Calculate Checks [top]

Leaders - Do sanity checks on the calculated total - 10 $79 dollar items shouldn't equal $7900

Check-Out Individuals [top]

 - Arrange & Handout Checks

Customer Check-out Tables

 - Arrange & Check-Out Inventory

Help individuals find equipment

Security will Check individuals’ inventory as they exit

Inventory Problems ( Inventory Problem Mgt )

Take Down Swap Facility  [top]    

Shop Check-Out

Individual Check-Out

Pack and move Supplies, gear and racks