Newport Snow Sports Swap
Pricing Guidelines

Guidelines, definitely not rules!

  1. You never knows exactly what someone will pay for gear but ask yourself what you might be willing to pay.
    * Set it to 10-15% less than you would be willing to pay.
  2. Important Question: Do you want it back if it does not sell for a specific price?
    * Set it to the least price that you are willing to take.
  3. The corollary: Do you want it gone to a new appreciative owner?
    * Price it 20-30% less than #1.
  4. Sometimes things that we do not expect to sale does because it is the just right deal for someone. Other great gear at a great price is still there at the end of the swap because the right person did not see it.
    * Sorry, still we sell around 67% of the used gear.
  5. Used gear, even in very nice shape is worth less than you think it should be.
    * See #1 and #3
  6. If it is dirty, ripped, or smells?
    * It will not sell... CLEAN IT or don't bring it.
  7. Some swap customers know gear and know what the right price is.
    * Sooo if you have high end gear, price it right but at the price it is worth, you may not find a buyer.
    * See #2
  8. Most people know a bit about the technology behind the gear but do not recognize the high end gear as you generally can't see the difference.
    * If it is high end, attach a card describing the value. See #7

You have to decide whether you want to risk having it in the garage again or if you are willing to take a bit less than you hoped for but have it enjoyed by someone else.