SIZE - This isn't your normal school supported small swap. We have been in business for 30 years at Newport and 7 years before that at Tyee Middle School. Last years, we sold over $400,000 on Friday night and Saturday. We hope to sell well over $400,000 again this year. We will have 12,000+ inventory item neatly arranged in over 17,000+ square feet of space.

SIZE of our advertising budget - Don't be fooled by the expensive full page ads of the commercial sales/swaps. They also have large costs, like commercial space and staff to pay for. They will need to recover these costs somehow. We spend way less on advertising. We have very little overhead for the facility and all of our staff are volunteers. This adds up to big savings for you.

EQUIPMENT - We have hundreds of snowboards (400+, 160 feet of racks) and skis (1000+, 320 feet of racks) all arranged by size. The clothing and boots are also arranged by size and gender and kids. We have many accessories such as helmets, thermal underwear, socks, gloves, hats, goggles, bindings, poles, bags, racks, etc. One stop shopping. We bring in extra children's gear each year and sometimes restock on the second day so we don't run out.

CUSTOMER HELP - We try to make this a quick and pleasant experience by providing free and easy parking ($8-15 at commercial swaps), free entry ($12-20 at commercial swaps), lots of space to shop, lots of help, and quick service. We will have experienced technicians from 7+ local ski and snowboard shops as well as professional ski and snowboard instructors to assist your purchases. We have as many as 120 volunteers working at all times helping with all aspects of the swap, such as security, inventory management, problem solving, cashiers, etc. We are serious about making this your best ski or snowboard purchasing experience.

FAMILY SHOPPING - We outfit entire families. You can buy used gear, nicer and nicer each year as the kids grow older. For high school ages, there is Intermediate to Advanced equipment. There is also current year, new, high performance gear for serious kids and adults. New gear has 40-75% discounts from high season retail and used gear discounted 50-90% of the original purchase price. For individuals and families -- Bring in last years gear that is outgrown or outperformed, we'll sell it for you and you buy new (or new for you) gear. Many families do this year after year.

Thank you for checking out the swap. Don't miss this one. It is the biggest sale/swap of it's type in the Seattle area. You won't be disappointed unless maybe you get there just before closing on the 2nd day -- but even then we will have lots of inventory for your selection.


You won't find better deals anywhere. Most of the big swaps or sales are over before the Newport Swap. We are one of the latest and also are the biggest swap in the Seattle area.

By this time of the year, the ski and snowboard shops no longer have the incredible pre-season prices because people will be more willing to pay retail prices as the snow is falling in the mountains and the ski areas are opening.

New equipment is typically half price (or less) and you'll find great used gear, discounted 60-90% of the original retail. Great snowboards, for instance, with bindings for $100-$200 dollars and sometimes less. The 1st day early birds will find a number of great snowboards from $60-100 (or less). Still nice looking skis in great condition will start at about $40. We also carry high performance new and used gear which sold (or would have) at full retail last year for $450-$1150 or more but will probably sell at the swap for $150 to $550.   You will also find brand new previous year's gear discounted 50-70% of retail cost.

Thank you for checking out the swap. Don't miss this one. You won't be disappointed with the prices or the selection.