The Swap's Commercial Suppliers

Equipment & Clothing - A Swap is a family opportunity. It is the one place that parents can go to get used or low cost new gear for those just starting, new or used higher end gear for their intermediates, and new or used expert gear for themselves and their advanced skiers and snowboarders. The ski and snowboard stores help us by providing the new (and sometimes quality used) equipment.

Quality help for product selection - The ski and snowboard stores provide trained and experienced personnel to help the shoppers find the right gear at the right price. They must know the equipment that is available, both used and new, where it is and how it matches your requirements.

Honest help - Based on the skier or snowboarder's requirements, the sales support staff will help select the appropriate gear. For the novice skier/rider who is only going to the mountain 2-4 times, that will likely be used gear (high value for dollars spent). For the intermediate skier/rider who will be going 8+ times, it will likely be new gear or quality used gear (again high value for the dollars spent). The point is, no matter who they work for, they will help you, the customer, select the gear that best meets your requirements.

Note: Since they work the entire swap, they soon get to know the inventory.  It will be a lot easier fro them to help find the right gear for you.

The following Shops have been an essential part of the Newport Ski Swap.

Fabulous prices, great new and used gear, local shops, great help, organized, free entry and parking, everything from underwear and socks to high end skis and snowboards -- This swap is a must for your winter preparations!!!