How it works

The Sale - We call this a Swap (people swapping old for new) but this is actually a consignment sale. This means convenience for you as you don't have to hang around trying to sell or trade your equipment. In the mean time, you can get to the ball game or whatever else is going on. We have a low consignment rate of 25%. You can, of course also hang out at the swap and help out or look for something new or used to replace the items you are selling. There are no mark-downs or discounting during the sale.

After the Sale - You can see gear has sold and check amount on the Gear Registration page. We will send a check soon after the swap.

Individuals - How you and the Newport PTA make money - You: 1) register your gear online, 2) drop off your gear Thursday or Friday and 3) pickup unsold items on Sunday. We check it into our inventory and take 25% of the sold price.

Ski/Snowboard Shops - Prior arrangements must be made before coming to the swap. Click on the Shops menu for more info.

Gear Pre- Registration

Pre-Registration - Opening several weeks prior to the swap ~ We have a secure web registration for individual seller's gear. You register yourself as a individual seller and then register all of your gear from any computer at home. You print your inventory list and bring it when you come to Check-In your gear. The tags will be preprinted and volunteers will put them on your gear.

Checks will be mailed to the address provided so please double check that it is correct.

Check-In Gear - Nov 10-11, Thursday 6-9 pm, Friday 11 am-5 pm ** No Saturday Check-In **

Individuals - Just bring your ski and snowboard related gear to Newport High. You must have pre-registered your gear. We will pre-print sale labels for your gear and volunteers to put them on the gear. We will put the labeled items out of the floor in the appropriate place. 

You have a better chance to sell the gear if you bring it Thursday or early on Friday as it generally gets too crazy to get it out on the floor after we open.

*** Gear Check-In will be in the Commons on the SOUTH side of the school both Thursday and Friday ***
*** Easiest access is from the west parking lot. ***

Bring only Ski or Snowboard related gear
- hard goods (skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, helmets, racks, car top carriers, etc.), and soft goods (pants, jackets, fleece, gloves, bags, etcetera).

Old, unsafe, dirty and otherwise unsaleable gear will be rejected. Used underwear and socks are not allowed by law.  Matched sets (pants/jackets, snowboard bindings/boots) need to be tagged separately as they always get separated during the sale and are then not tagged properly and therefore not saleable.

If you want to DONATE all sale proceeds to the Newport High PTA (Parent, Teacher Association), put Newport PTA as the Last Name on the Online Gear Registration with no phone or address.

Note: The closest and easiest place to drop-off your gear is from the West Parking lot but you can come into the school from the North & East parking lots as well.  Please do not use the bus turnaround on the south side.


Come in any time, we will have lots of merchandise (approx. 12,000 items in 16,000+ sq. feet) and professional help (55+ people) throughout the sale. The first day, perhaps you have the maximum choices but also maximum craziness with masses of bargain hunters.  We generally sell the same amount of gear and have the same amount of customers on Friday evening in 4 hours as we do on Saturday in 10 hours so you can see that the second day is a much more leisurely buying experience. 

Equipment Pickup - Sunday 10 am to 2 PM

Individuals, during the sale and after - The registration web site shows what sold and what didn't so check Register Gear / Status first to see if you even need to come. You can also mark Donate on the website Saturday evening or Sunday morning if there are items that you do not wish to pick up. Please come on time, not early and not late. Please don't ask for special favors -- get favors from family, friends, or neighbors. A bunch of volunteers have had 4 really really really big days and we have 10-12,000 items to account for and only a few volunteers to do all of this.

Issues must be submitted via email within 2 weeks after the Sale - Contact:

Payment for Proceeds - The swap has grown to a size that we simply can not properly do all the accounting and check writing by Pick-Up time on Sunday. We will be send your check soon after the swap.

Thank you for participating in our swap whether volunteering, buying, selling or all three.
We do our very best to make this a great experience.  The many volunteers thank you for your patience and understanding.